I grew up with good bagels.

Now, "good" might be a little subjective but when I say "good bagel" I mean the ones with a glossy outside, pillowy inside and just the right amount of chew. As a NJ native & NYC frequent, my family and I were completely spoiled with good bagels. Bagels that kickstarted football Sundays and brought all the cousins to the table for Christmas breakfast.

You see, a good bagel to a New Jerseyian is simply a necessity. So when the gang and I picked up and moved to Florida in 2021, we immediately noticed a big problem: no good bagels! What could this mean? No more weekends at the local bagel shop picking up a hot dozen to go with our scrambled eggs and pork roll? We wouldn't let the rituals end. We knew we had to transform from a family of bagel-lovers to a crew of bagel-bakers. And it all started with me, the OG "bagel babe" and gymnast turned baker.

After a few years of hand-rolling plenty of flat bagels in my kitchen, using my NJ-Italian family of critics & cooks as the judges, I finally mastered my recipe for our OG Plain Babe Bagel. I can promise you the Florida water was never the problem. These bagels are proof. But you don't have to take my word for it, just try one and you'll see.

I present to you GOOD bagels, hand-rolled, boiled & baked beachside by the babe herself.

Much Love, Jessie Vallorosi, Bagel Babe Co.

'lookin like a total babe

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